Tuesday, September 18, 2018

2018 CBIG Postcard

Happy to announce that the 2018 CBIG Postcard has been printed and mailed out into the kidlit publishing world! The front of our postcard gives a peek at the range of styles among our members. The back of the card lists all of our current members.

Members on the front of the card, starting from the top are:

Row 1: Sun Min Park, Kimberly Batti, Lisa Falkenstern, Suzanne Morris, Stephen Ingram.

Row 2: Susie Lee Jin, Karen Romagna, Laura Smollett Kutscera, Stephanie Ruble, Diana Ting Delosh.

Row 3: Erica De Chavez, Donna Miskend, Lorraine Dey, Barbara Wilcox DiLorenzo, Deborah Cuneo.

Row 4: H. Ruth Karpes, T. T. Tyler, Patricia Keeler, Christine Mix, Saki Tanaka.

Row 5: Jason Kirschner, Yuko Yorii, Vicky Rubin, April Kim Tonin, Amalia Hoffman.

Row 6: Sophia Furman, Annie Zngarowicz, Angelique Anderson, Madonna Davidoff, Leeza Hernandez.

Row 7: Nancy Armo, Kathryn Howard, Jung Yuen Shin Lisa Cinelli, MaryLouise Alu Curto.

Please visit cbig-nyc.com to find out more about us.
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