Wednesday, June 10, 2015

FAIRY TALES EXHIBIT Brooklyn Central Library

June 11 - September 25, 2015 
Illustrations by Madonna Davidoff

Balinese Hansel & Gretel

Pele,the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fairy Tales: A Brooklyn Event! Cinderella by R.M.Rivera

                                                                  R.M.Rivera © 2015

Here is my artwork, titled Cinderella, for the Fairy Tales exhibit at the Brooklyn Central Library.
The show opens June 11th through September 25th. 

Monday, June 1, 2015


Master Storytellers Exhibit EXTENDED THROUGH JUNE 27 due to popular demand.

CBIG members join more children's book illustrators in a return to Poe Park Visitor Center for the MASTER STORYTELLERS exhibit, on view April 1 - May 30, 2015  EXTENDED THROUGH JUNE 27

Illustrations inspired by the classic tales of the brothers Grimm, Aesop, Kenneth Grahame, Joseph Jacobs, Shakespeare and more master storytellers.

Participating Members: Melissa Iwai, Lisa Cinelli, Angelique Anderson, Roberta Rivera, Donna Miskend, Clare Pernice,Yuko Katakawa, Nancy Doniger, Christine Mix, Kitty Leech, Delphine Henault, Robin Meeks, Vicky Rubin, Cheryl Taborsky
curated by Donna Miskend

2640 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10458
718.365.5516   WWW.NYCGOVPARKS.ORG

artist panel, cbig: L Nancy Doniger, far R Donna Miskend

Kitty Leech

Melissa Iwai, art top
art Robin Meeks bottom
Donna Miskend with 1st graders 
Roberta Rivera
kids workshop with Rivera
CBIG members contributed artwork for the American Bookseller's Association Children's Book Art Auction held at the Hyatt Hotel.  Contributing members: Stephanie Ruble, Patricia Keeler, Donna Miskend, Melissa Iwai, Wallace West, Madonna Davidof, Barbara DiLorenzo, Jennifer Thermes, Lisa Cinelli, Kristine Lombardi, Annie Raulson join many notable children's book illustrators.
Private auction and reception held May 26 at the Hyatt. Public auction opens June 1 and runs through June 8th click more info and HERE
Lisa Cinelli

Patricia Keeler

Jennifer Thermes
Stephanie Ruble
Barbara DiLorenzo
Kristine Lombardi

Wallace West
Donna Miskend
Judy Bloom Guest of Honor
Madonna Davidof
The auction is sponsored by ABFE, the ABC Children’s Group at ABA, and Random House Children’s Books (RHCB).
Auction proceeds will support ABFE’s defense of the free speech rights of kids, including the Kids’ Right to Read Project and Banned Books Week