2022 CBIG Directories

 Tag Dah! The CBIG 2022 Illustration Directories are now Live and finally up on the website: ! To flip thru the Directory PDFs and see ALL the participating members promo pages please go to Kudos to the illustrators that made the covers of the directories. Paulette Bogan , Anne Appert , Laura Wertkin , Yuko Torii Wallace West , Leeza Hernandez , Zihua Yang , Yuko Torii A shout out to the CBIG Directory Team: Diana Ting Delosh for putting together the directories, Deb Cuneo for all the image collection and dealing with all sorts of minutiae and Vicky Rubin for proof reading. Please go and check out ALL the gorgeous illustration Promo Pages of  the participating members that make up Both Directories. Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter

CBIG 2018 Winning Illustrators on the Directory Covers

Congratulations to the cover winners of the 2018 Illustration Directories! Click on the covers to see BIGGER. Yuko Torii , Kimberly Rose Batti , Nancy Armo , Stephen Ingram Sharon Lane Holm , Diana Ting Delosh , Lorraine Dey , Nancy Armo Check out out both directories in the sidebar. Click to view all the pages. 2018 COLOR Illustration Directory 2018 BLACK & WHITE Illustration Directories or download from our website at We will be featuring the individual Illustrator promo pages in the upcoming posts.

2018 CBIG Postcard

Happy to announce that the 2018 CBIG Postcard has been printed and mailed out into the kidlit publishing world! The front of our postcard gives a peek at the range of styles among our members. The back of the card lists all of our current members. Members on the front of the card, starting from the top are: Row 1: Sun Min Park, Kimberly Batti, Lisa Falkenstern, Suzanne Morris, Stephen Ingram. Row 2: Susie Lee Jin, Karen Romagna, Laura Smollett Kutscera, Stephanie Ruble, Diana Ting Delosh. Row 3: Erica De Chavez, Donna Miskend, Lorraine Dey, Barbara Wilcox DiLorenzo, Deborah Cuneo. Row 4: H. Ruth Karpes, T. T. Tyler, Patricia Keeler, Christine Mix, Saki Tanaka. Row 5: Jason Kirschner, Yuko Yorii, Vicky Rubin, April Kim Tonin, Amalia Hoffman. Row 6: Sophia Furman, Annie Zngarowicz, Angelique Anderson, Madonna Davidoff, Leeza Hernandez. Row 7: Nancy Armo, Kathryn Howard, Jung Yuen Shin Lisa Cinelli, MaryLouise Alu Curto.   Please visit

new promotional postcard-sharon lane holm

Image  new year, new art, new beginnings, new directions © sharon lane holm See more of my art at

New Year, New Blog & New Website - Madonna Davidoff

Hi Everyone! I now have a new website and a new blog . Please click on this link to my new website. My New Website click on this link for my new blog. My New Blog

3 CBIG Illustrators' Give Aways!

3 CBIG Illustrators: Diana Ting Delosh, Mike Ciccotello and Doris Ettlinger are running Give Aways. Hop over to Kathy Temean's Blog   to be in the running to win 1 of the following: 2018 Animal Fair  Calendar - Diana Ting Delosh click HERE to flip through the calendar OR Panda Print - Mike Ciccotello OR Dogs in Hats Note Cards - Doris Ettlinger Good Luck!

CBIG 2017 Postcard

Happy to announce the 2017 CBIG Postcard has been printed and mailed! The front of our postcard gives a peek at the range of illustration styles among our members. The back of the card lists all of our 2017 members. Member illustrators on the front of the card, starting from the top are: Row 1: Lisa Falkenstern, Patricia Keeler, Lisa Cinelli, Suzanne Morris, Nancy Armo. Row 2: Doris, Ettlinger, Madonna Davidoff, Melissa Iwai, Marylouise Alu Curto, Deborah Cuneo. Row 3: Barbara DiLorenzo, Donna Miskend, Claire Lordon, Christine Mix, Annie Zygarowicz. Row 4: Mike Ciccotello, T. T. Tyler, Beth Ann Bogert, Susan Bednarski, Sybel Cohen. Row 5: Stephanie Ruble, Sharon Holm, Yuko Katakawa, Lexi Hart, Marilyn Papas. Row 6: Kimberly Batti, April Kim Tonin, Wallace West, Sibu Puthenveettil, Susie Lee jin. Row 7: H. Ruth Karpes, Katia Wish, Diana Ting Delosh, Leeza Hernandez, Yuko Torii. Please visit  to find out more about us. OR  Click o