Friday, August 31, 2012

Ginger Nielson ~ Summer

                        From two identical sketches a pair of similar, yet different twins appeared.
At the end of summer, the bears begin to search for extra morsels to keep them filled and
happy during the coming winter.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dickens Roberta Rivera 2012 CBIG Dickens Event Gallery

  Roberta Rivera © 2012     
Watercolor, gouache and ink

                      I saw the movie when I was a little girl and read the novel when I was in high school.  Then I reread it for researching my illustrations for the gallery exhibit. It was a rewarding experience.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dickens: Lisa Cinelli

While reading, researching and sketching for the CBIG Celebrates Dickens in Pictures project,
my sketchbook filled with words and images. The sketchbook pages became a treasure of information
for me to reread and then interpret using a variety of painting and drawing materials.
Not wanting to lose momentum, I have begun another series of images based on my sketchbook pages.
Black & White Sketchbook Page
Ideas for Great Expectations
© Lisa Cinelli
"Bells-Belles" Sketches for Dickens Project
© Lisa Cinelli
"Estella and Jewels"
Great Expectations
© Lisa Cinelli
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Dickens - Sara Kahn

Sara Kahn's illustrations based upon a short story by Charles Dickens

What I like about this short story from Dickens, is the way he establishes an emotional rhythm.

Later, I found out that a literary critic: Brander Matthews thought that this is one of Dickens' best short stories. He thought that it was closest to Dickens' heart since it was written two years after Dickens' sister died.

In my researches for Dickens, I also found two other interesting websites:

Here are my three illustrations for this story: They are 24"x 30" framed, I made them with watercolor pencils, gouache and acrylic paints.

Illustration for  Charles Dickens' Short story: "A Child's Dream of a Star" © Sara Kahn

Illustration for  Charles Dickens' Short story: "A Child's Dream of a Star"  © Sara Kahn

Illustration for  Charles Dickens' Short story: "A Child's Dream of a Star"  © Sara Kahn

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dickens - Wallace West

I love a good villain. So when it came to choosing a subject for a Dickens-ian illustration for the CBIG Charles Dickens exhibit at the Yonkers Riverfront Gallery, how could I choose anyone but Madame Defarge from A TALE OF TWO CITES? The predecessor of evil queens and wicked stepmothers as far as I'm concerned.

The Watchful Eye of Madame Defarge

© Wallace West

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

CBIG Celebrates Dickens in Pictures

A Celebration of Dickens in Pictures
Illustrations by the Children's Book Illustrators Group
August 25th - October 31, 2012
Dickens Day of Events:
September 13th and October 13th
for a schedule of events please visit

Featuring the art of 21 CBIG members:
Lisa Cinelli • Deborah Cuneo • Diana Ting Delosh • Peggy Dressel • Doris Ettlinger • Laura Goetz • Leeza Hernandez • Mike Herrod • Sara Kahn • H. Ruth Karpes • Lisa Lavoie • Doreen Marts • Donna Miskend • Sawaka Norii • Marilyn Papas • Clare Pernice • Roberta Rivera • Vicky Rubin • Cheryl Taborsky • T. T. Tyler • Wallace West

Hope you can come to the exhibit.
IF you can't make it - never fear, 
we will also be posting the art on this blog 
beginning on August 24 and ending on October 31st.