Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dickens: Lisa Cinelli

While reading, researching and sketching for the CBIG Celebrates Dickens in Pictures project,
my sketchbook filled with words and images. The sketchbook pages became a treasure of information
for me to reread and then interpret using a variety of painting and drawing materials.
Not wanting to lose momentum, I have begun another series of images based on my sketchbook pages.
Black & White Sketchbook Page
Ideas for Great Expectations
© Lisa Cinelli
"Bells-Belles" Sketches for Dickens Project
© Lisa Cinelli
"Estella and Jewels"
Great Expectations
© Lisa Cinelli
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1 comment:

Susanna Pitzer said...

I love these. They are very engaging.
Starting with the energy and width quality in the ink lines, to the effect of bright color on the brown paper. Beautiful. And the sparse use of color on the final piece is quite effective.

I like how you were able to leave brown, not filling the paper with color, just allowing the paper to be a larger element than usual.

They work quite well.