Friday, October 18, 2013

CBIG Promo Postcard 2013

Ta Dah! Just sharing our lovely 2013 CBIG Promo Postcard.  Click on image to see it a little bigger.
CBIG Illustrators appearing on the front of the Promo Postcard. From left to right beginning at the top:
Diana Ting Delosh, Yuko Katakawa, Barbara Dilorenzo, Susie Lee Jin, Roberta Rivera, Jennifer Merz, Laura Goetz, H. R. Karpes, Jason Kirschner, Karen Romagna, Ginger Nielson, Mike Herrod, Leeza Hernandez, Lisa Falkenstern, Maria Madonna Davidoff, Betsy Franco Feeney, Lisa Cinelli, CBIG Logo type, Doris Ettlinger, Patricia Keeler, Nikos Michalakis, Nancy Doniger, Deborah Cuneo, Allyn Howard, Kristine Lombardi, Amalia Hoffman, T. T. Tyler, Sharon Lane Holm, Donna Miskend, Stephanie Ruble, Vicky Rubin, Sara Kahn, Wallace West, Marilyn Papas, Melissa Iwai.  

 All images are Copyrighted by the individual artists ©2013
The back of the card lists the names of all our 2013 members and mentions our Latest endeavor the CBIG Fall/Winter 2013 Illustrators Directory.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Diane Allison - Puppet Performance/Workshop 10/13

Diane will have a workshop performance on Sunday, Oct. 13 at 5pm at TADA theater, 15 W 28th St. NYC. It's an hour long with time for feedback at the end. It's called MIRIAM. She'll be building a life-sized puppet on stage with stuff lying around the room; then the puppet comes to life. Here's a link to the poster on her website: