Monday, December 8, 2014

CBIG Promo Postcard 2014
All art work copyrighted by the individual artist that created it.
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Here finally before it's 2015, is the CBIG Postcard that was sent out fall 2014. The front features 35 member illustrators and gives a hint of the diversity of illustration styles among our membership. The back of the card lists all 2014 members. Please go to our website to view more of our art and to take a gander at our 2014 CBIG Illustration Directories: COLOR and NEW for 2014, BLACK & WHITE.

Illustrators on the front of the card. From left to right, starting from the top row:
Patricia Keeler, Jason Kirschner, Angelique E. Anderson, Misa Saburi, Roberta Rivera,
Stephanie Ruble, Sharon Lane Holm, Nina Edwards, Christine Mix, Ginger Nielson,
Donna Miskend, H. Ruth Karpes, Gwen Connolley, Ruth Chan, Yuko Katakawa,
Lisa Falkenstern, T. T. Tyler, Catherine Stine, Lisa Cinelli, Karen Romagna,
Claude Martinot, Adrienne May, Marilyn Papas, Susie Lee Jin, Betsey Franco Feeney,
Deborah Cuneo, Kristine Lombardi, Jennifer Merz, Robin Meeks, Laura Goetz,
Vicky Rubin, Melissa Iwai, Doreen Marts, Barbara Dilorenzo, Diana Ting Delosh.

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