Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mother Goose - Sara Kahn

I chose these three Mother Goose Rhymes to illustrate, because they are about Robins, one of my favorite birds. These illustrations are watercolors on 300lbs Arches watercolor paper. They are all 24"x 30"framed

Title: Kindness: Illustration for the Mother Goose Rhyme:

The little robin grieves
When the snow is on the ground,For the trees have no leaves,
And no berries can be found.
The air is cold, the worms are hid;
For robin here what can be done?
Let's strow around some crumbs of bread,
And then he'll live till snow is gone.

Mother Goose Illustration: Kindness © SaraKahn 2012

Title: Rhythm: Illustration for Mother Goose Rhyme:

Little Robin Red-breast
Sat upon a rail,
Needle, naddle, went his head,
Wiggle, waggle, went his tail.

Mother Goose Illustration: Rhythm © SaraKahn 2012

Title: Hide and Seek: Illustration for the Mother Goose Rhyme:

PIT, pat, well-a-day,
Little Robin flew away;
Where can little Robin be?
Gone into the cherry-tree.

Mother Goose Illustration: Hide and Seek © SaraKahn 2012


Di said...

Sara - these are beautiful!

Sara said...

Thank you very much! :)

Roberta said...

Sara, breath taking images. In the gallery they looked amazing.

Sara said...

Dear Roberta, Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I really appreciate it. Happy Holidays. Sara