Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Pugs Been Released - Diana Ting Delosh

Once Upon A Midnight
picture book
Story by Kelly Morrison Handerhan
 Illustrations by Diana Ting Delosh
I'm happy to announce that the illustrations for Once Upon A Midnight are now finished, published and available on Amazon as a picture book. I had a lot of fun illustrating Andy the Pug on his midnight romp as he investigates the source of some mysterious howling. Is it banshees Or worse...baby? I even had the opportunity to create the illustrated title type.

I will be blogging about my illustration process behind this book on my blog dtdelosh.blogspot.com.
Just click on Once Upon a Midnight to buy on Amazon.
Please visit my website: dianadelosh.com.


Vicky said...

Congrats!! Good luck with it! I just ordered a copy.

Roberta said...

Fabulous illustrations, Diana.

Roberta said...

Love your illustrations, Diana.