Friday, March 2, 2012

Squirrel & Anteater - Diana Ting Delosh

P 7 illustration from An Armful of Acorns © Farfaria
To view cover art or to acquire - click HERE.
Illustration for P 10 from The Greedy Ant Eater © Farfaria
To view cover art or to acquire - click HERE
Diana Ting Delosh illustrated 2 books: An Armful of Acorns, written by Adrian Rider  and The Greedy Ant Eater by Christine Sawinski. Both book apps are published by Farfaria and are now available on the App Store. Diana used her usual ink and watercolors to create the illustrations but with a digital twist. To read more about the process please visit her blog and read more about The Squirrel and Anteater

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