Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy - Stephanie Ruble

I recently finished this piece for my new portfolio. It’s from a sketch I did last year of a witch girl and her puppy. They’re both happy because it’s the puppy’s first broom ride. Not only is he managing to hold on, he’s also loving every minute of the ride. It’s even better than being in the car because he doesn’t have to stick his head out a window to get air.

I also have a black and white version.

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p.s. Halloween is only 77 days away :D


Di said...

Love that Puppy thinks riding on a broom is better than a car. CUTE!

Ginger*:) said...

I love that you added a dog instead of a cat. The piece has lots of action and interest. I like both versions. Great illo!~

sruble said...

Thanks Di and Ginger! I have another one in the series where she's facing off with another witch girl and her cat. It just seemed funny to me to have a dog instead of a cat.