Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ginger Nielson's ~ Tip for Creating a Digital File Cabinet

I used to have numerous sketchbooks, loose sketches and paintings hanging around in various places in my studio. Finding exactly that perfect sketch I may have done a year ago was...  let's just say ... nearly impossible.

My solution for all those many graphics, illustrations, sketches and reference photos used to be to put them all in a steel file cabinet, or have my sketch books scattered in various places in my studio. It began to be impossible to find an exact sketch I knew I had "somewhere"  so I created a digital file cabinet in my computer.   Every file now has a place.  I collected my scans, paintings, photos and transferred the into appropriately named folders and sub folders and put the whole batch on an external computer drive.  This way I have a portable file of all my work that does not clutter up the valuable space on my computer and is safe from any unforseen crashes.   A complete article explaining the how and the why is on my website if you should want to see the whole process. Creating a Digital File Cabinet

This has made my work so much easier and I know I always have a back up in addition to being able to find what I am looking for.

©Ginger Nielson and 4RV Publishing LLC

From the book,  Little Charley Thornpaws by Caelaach Mc Kinna
illustrated by Ginger Nielson


Di said...

Ginger this is a great tip! I can see how this could save me lot's of time once I have it set up.

Ginger*:) said...

I did this in little bites, but I keep at it.